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Sister Earrings

A few years ago when my sister was visiting from California, I offered to give her anything she wanted from my jewelry booth. She chose these earrings. Later, I made the same offer to my sister-in-law from Buffalo. She chose the same earrings. Over the years, they have worn this earring and they continue to look terrific in them. In fact, I didn't realize at first that I had made the earrings until I complimented them on how good they look.

The earrings are so quiet and unassuming that I sometimes forget to replace them after I've sold out and I can go a year without carrying them in my inventory. But lately I've been telling customers about the sister earrings and they have responded by buying a pair for their sisters. Or sister will buy them for each other. Or mothers will buy them for their two daughters. Girlfriends who identify as sister have also taken up the call.

The original sister earrings were gold with an amethyst crystal and an olive green crystal. Surprisingly, my sisters wore them as their "neutral" earrings. I was later persuaded to make a silver version which is heavy on blues and greys. Over the summer, however, Barbara and Marlene asked me to make a pink version, which I did skeptically at first, but now it's a fave.

The thing is, no matter who it is, the moment I mention the word "sister," they smile. There is something about their sister, sister-in-law, daughters, and close girlfriends that makes them feel good.

Barbara and Marlene

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