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The Dog Days

We keep cool by pretending it's winter.

If you're not uncomfortably hot, then you are probably a prisoner of air conditioning. It's a little claustrophobic but we are wearing light cardigans inside.

In this make-believe atmosphere where we are pretending it's chilly, we are knitting. We are knitting cozies. These are wool covers that fit over Mason jars.

Cozies are wonderful because they keep your hands cool when you're holding a hot beverage. They also keep your hands warm and dry when you're holding an iced tea. They make the world seem soft, warm and fuzzy.

This cozy followed my son to Providence, RI, where he spends most of his time with his hands wrapped around a cozy-covered latte. When the jar is empty, he puts it back into his backpack and it's on to the next wi-fi hotspot.

Lately, I've been craving sunshine and energy (remember, I'm inside all day), so orange has been my best friend.

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